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All bookings can be made via:

This site: www.metcalfemobilevalets.co.uk

Email: andy@metcalfemobilevalets.co.uk

Facebook: @metcalfemobilevalets

Instagram: metcalfemobilevalets

Twitter @MMValets

Phone: 07928 196659

We have numerous daily bookings, whether before or after the time slot of your Car, Van, Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan or any other vehicle. Please note that unless there is time available, we will not be able to valet further vehicles which have not been booked in along with that which you requested. Further vehicles will require a return visit on the next available date. Any additional work requested, i.e. polishing, will require an additional visit unless there is time allowed before the next booking made.


All prices quoted are based on the Make, Model and Condition of your vehicle. Please be specific when describing the Condition!

For example,

  • Heavily soiled Interiors or Exteriors (applicable to all vehicles!)
  • Pet Hairs! Pet Hairs can easily be removed by us however these can also take a lot of time to remove. The average time spent vacuuming a car tends to be 25mins, one car we did had an extreme amount of pet hair that took us 87mins! No matter the condition, we can tailor our timeslots to suit.
  • Excessive items in your vehicle, notably the boot.
  • Excessive rubbish to be removed.

Price quoted to you, without detail of its condition, may be subject to change upon inspection of your vehicle, resulting in additional fees incurred. 

Contents in your vehicle

  • Please make sure your vehicle is in a reasonably clear condition by removing excess items from the interior and boot area, unless otherwise agreed at time of booking. We suggest you either remove all your personal belongings or put them in a bag away from any rubbish that we will clear. This is very important as we will not be held responsible for items that have been disposed of, or vacuumed, by accident.

Damage to your Vehicle

  • Whilst we do inspect your vehicle for any visible damages before commencing work, please make us aware of any loose fittings or damaged parts prior to the valet so we can work around them. We cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from ill fittings or damaged parts that we have not been made aware of, WHICH ARE NOT VISIBLE. This is particularly important regarding damaged seals, especially on the roofs of Touring Caravans as a lot of water is used. If your skylight has damaged seals, not a problem as we can work around this whilst still cleaning it.
  • Should there be any damaged caused by Metcalfe Mobile Valets during work carried out which is a fault of ours, Metcalfe Mobile Valets has a Public Liability Insurance of £5million. Never used, never intending to be used, but, for your peace of mind, your vehicle is fully insured.


  • Cars, Vans, Caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans – whether these are on your driveway or on a road, we require access for our van beside your vehicle. Either in front of your driveway or the front / behind of vehicle if it is on the road. Please ensure access is available for us to park our van next to it. If we cannot park near, ie over the road, we will be unable to carry out your valet which will then incur a callout charge of £30.
  • Storage Yards – please ENSURE that, once you have made your booking with us, you communicate any date / times with the storage yard owner / security so that they are aware of my scheduled visit. Most storage yards require you to either be present to let us in or in some cases to be present for the duration of your valet. For your info, if this is the case, most valets can take up to 3 hrs however this can be longer depending on the depth of clean you require
  • Caravan / Camping Holiday Parks – as above, please ensure you communicate with site owners of our scheduled visit.
  • We carry our own water and electricity supply, nothing is required from a Storage Yard or Site, other than access – please can you inform them of this.


  • All payments are only to be received once you, or the respective owner, have inspected your vehicle to ensure you are satisfied with our service provided. Refunds / Return Visits will NOT be made for any areas you may consider unsatisfactory (of which we endeavour not to be this).
  • Payment, where possible, is to be made by Bank Transfer (Lloyds, Metcalfe Caravan Cleaning, Sort Code 30-98-97, Acc Number 60890868) however we also accept cash or payment via PayPal.
  • All payments must be received on the day of your valet, unless otherwise agreed beforehand when making your booking with us.
  • Invoices can be provided to you, via email, or handwritten where needed, upon request.


  • All cleaning and polishing products and any machines used for cleaning or polishing are used by a competent and professional Valeter.
  • All cleaning and polishing product usage is strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines only.


  • Cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours prior to the agreed appointment.
  • Any appointments not cancelled within 24 hours will incur a call out fee of £50, unless of course the lack of notification is due to reasons beyond your control.
  • Rescheduled date will be at discretion of our diary. We will try and fit you in ASAP however it is likely your next appointment will be after other bookings already taken.
  • Any appointments cancelled by ourselves will result in a discounted rate on the rearranged date, unless of course the lack of notice is due to reasons beyond our control. For example, bad weather!

Bad Weather Conditions

On some occasions, the weather can prevent us from completing your valet. If a covered area, or indeed garage, is available, we may still be able to complete your valet, if not we may have to cancel your valet and reschedule.


  • We always take before and after photos of your vehicle for use on our website and social media accounts. We use a license show plate which is placed over your car’s license plate, meaning it is never shown. On other occasions, photos will be edited before posting meaning your number plate will of course be blurred out.
  • We’ll ask you at all times, when you are present, if we are allowed to take photos. If you do not wish these photo’s to be used, please feel free to let us know, especially if you are not present.


Updated 24th September 2020