About Me

Hi, hope you are well.

My name is Andy. I am married to Jackie with whom we have 2 beautiful children who, unashamedly, have me wrapped around their little fingers. A daughter, Maisie, 12 years old and a son, Jack, 9 years old. My family mean everything to me and are the number 1 reason why I strive to build a successful company.

I left school as soon as I could, with the intent of being a professional snooker player which, when I started playing against other players, one in particular, made me realise that I probably should have just stayed at school. My Dad was a Musician and my Mam, a Legal Secretary. My dad was self employed however, me not being musically gifted (tone deaf to be precise), meant that taking over his business was never going to be an option. 

Although we preach to our children that education is the most important part of their young life in order to have any hopes of fulfilling any young ambitions they may already have, my sole purpose in building Metcalfe Mobile Valets is to give them the opportunity of taking on our family business, should they not follow in the path they had originally set out on.

At almost 50 years old, I have worked in the retail sector almost all of my working life. I know how to treat a customer!

My Values in life

  • Be Polite.
  • Be Courteous.
  • Be Respectful.
  • Work hard! Hard work delivers rewards.
  • Go that extra mile, deliver a service beyond expectation.
  • Treat all others as I would wish to be treat.

I bring my children up with those values, as my parents brought up me, my sister and my brother up. Have those values and you will always be on the right path. I may not have had that education they wished for but I am sure they are looking down on me, proud if not surprised.

Originally set up as Metcalfe Caravan Cleaning, it resulted from a slip of the tongue comment to our caravan site owner about the costs of maintaining all of the site pitch surrounds. “I’ll buy a petrol mower and a strimmer myself and charge £5 per pitch” I replied.  “Why don’t you” said Billy. Soon it developed into Caravan Cleaning, all this whilst using my car to transport tools or cleaning equipment. Due to the success and subsequent requests to work offsite, I had to purchase a work van, all was good. I then had a coffee with an old school friend, David Buggy, who mentioned Valeters visiting his office to quote prices for maintaining cars. It was an ‘I can do that’ moment… and here we are…. Business and my van re branded to Metcalfe Mobile Valets.

I am 100% dedicated to delivering you an Excellent Customer Service experience at the first time, every time, because it’s always the first impression that lasts. Whilst knowledge in what you are doing is essential, I believe that first and foremost, delivering a service from the start in building a rapport with you, gaining your trust in me, is just as every bit important.

Metcalfe Mobile Valets – a service that delivers, that never disappoints, that goes the extra mile in pursuit of customer satisfaction. What inspires me to do more, to excel further? It’s not about the financial gain, although that is quite important haha, it’s the reaction of you, my customer, on seeing the results of my work. Reputation means everything to me!

Many thanks, Andy

Metcalfe Mobile Valets